TICKY TOCK - Hans-Eckardt Wenzel sings Woody Guthrie
All pictures and information shown with courtesy of Nora Guthrie and Sansibar Kulturmanagement, Berlin.
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Hans-Eckardt Wenzel sings Woody Guthrie - On February 5, 2003, “The Woody Guthrie 90th Year Celebration” took place at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The concert was the culmination of a month-long series of events celebrating Woody's life and music. Among the artists that performed were Arlo Guthrie, Marty Stuart, Jimmy LaFave, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel (Germany), Ellis Paul, Janis Ian and others. This concert was a benefit for The Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives, located in New York, and was produced in association with Woody's daughter Nora Guthrie and manager / impresario Harold Leventhal, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Folk Alliance in 2002.
Nora Guthrie about Hans-Eckardt Wenzel: “Wenzel is a hoping machine. Hans-Eckardt Wenzel lives in Berlin. Although he's been in the forefront of German political, cabaret-style music for a decade, he got turned on to Woody last year following the publications of Joe Klein's biography WOODY GUTHRIE; A LIFE and Woody's autobiography BOUND FOR GLORY in the German language. He spent some time here in New York researching in the archives a few weeks ago, and is working on a new Guthrie CD, the first of its kind in Germany! His last CD was a tribute to the famous German composer Hanns Eisler, the same Eisler you'll find in Woody's lyric Eisler On The Go set to music by Billy Bragg on Mermaid Avenue.” “In the past, Wenzel has donned the persona of a clown, a persona Woody also toyed with often in his 'talking blues' songs and his Woody Sez newspaper columns. Both understand the power of the fool who sings the truth, the clown who makes you laugh, then cry.”

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More from Nora Guthrie: “At my invitation, Berlin songwriter Hans Eckardt Wenzel recorded the first ever German language CD of Woody songs. TICKY TOCK, due out in January 2003, contains 10 new lyrics from the Archives as well as new arrangements of some older ones. New titles include: Ticky Tock, Every Hundred Years, Blue Eyes, I Like To Stay Home with Daddy, Jinga Linga, Been Out On An Ocean Trip, He and She and If I Were Everything on Earth. The CD will be recorded in English as well. I had the opportunity to be in the studio with Wenzel this summer in Berlin and we even appeared on nationwide television together. And, before you find out from someone else, I’ll tell you myself.he made me sing on 2 tracks. In German. The CD will coincide with the release of a new German/English language Woody Guthrie Songbook (Palmyra) which contains over 250 lyrics, photos, and artwork with commentary by Lou Reed, Wenzel and others. German translator Harry Rowohlt worked on the translations with additional contributions from Wenzel and German radio producer and Folker! magazine editor Michael Kleff.”

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---------------- WENZEL - DISCOGRAPHY
o Stirb mit mir ein Stück (1987)
o Reisebilder (1989)
o Vollmond (1995)
o Lied am Rand (1997)
o Traurig in Sevilla (1998)
o Schöner Lügen (2000)
o Hanswurst und andere arme Würste (2001)
o Grünes Licht (2001)
o Ticky Tock - Wenzel singt Woody Guthrie (2003)
o Stirb mit mir ein Stück - Re-Edition (2004)
o Himmelfahrt (2005)
o Wenzel singt Maschas Kinderlieder (2005)
o Hammer- Rehwü (1982/92)
o Der Abschied der Matrosen vom Kommunismus (CD 1993)
o Armer kleiner Händi-Mann (CD 1996)
---------------- BOOKS
o Poesiealbum, Gedichte (Berlin 1981)
o Lied vom wilden Mohn (Leipzig 1982)
o Antrag auf Verlängerung des Monats August, Gedichte (Leipzig 1987)
o Reise-Bilder, Prosa (Leipzig 1989)
o Malinche. Legenden von Liebe und Verrat (Leipzig 1992)
o Liederbuch (Berlin 1998)
---------------- THEATER PLAYS
o Tuba-WA-Duo. Theaterstück für zwei Tubas mit Spielern. Buch und Regie (1987)
o Wider die Ächtung des Akkordeons. Buch und Regie (1988)
o Pas de deux allemand (1988)
o Die Vorfreude des Kesselpaukers auf Schillers Ode an die Freude. Buch und Regie (Schauspielhaus Berlin 1993)
o Das Lächeln im Schatten des Clowns. Schattenspiel. Buch und Regie (Theater Wismar 1994)
o Drei Solobläser retten den Freischütz. Buch und Regie (Schauspielhaus Berlin 1998)
---------------- MUSIC FOR THEATER PLAYS
o Ibsen, Rosmersholm (Deutsches Theater, Berlin 1997)
---------------- AWARDS
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