HOBOS & HEROS - Rik Palieri
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“It’s such an honest American Story. I believe it will be read by many people, even overseas, wanting to learn about America”. These are the words from Pete Seeger in his foreword about Rik Palieri’s book “The Road is My Mistress, tales of a Roustabout Songster” which will be published in the spring.

Rik with Pete Seeger
The book traces a young boy’s dream of becoming a modern day troubadour, and the road he has taken to get there. Rik’s whimsical storytelling style details years of traveling the back roads of America, searching for the roots of American homegrown music. Along the way the readers find themselves gathered around the hobo jungle camp fire, riding on horse back with cowboys in Idaho, taking part in a sweat lodge ceremony with Native Americans in South Dakota, vagabonding with gypsies, playing Polish bagpipes in the high Tatra Mountains of Europe and learning the secrets of the Didgeridoo in the outback of Australia.

While the book is biographical, it is also a celebration of Rik’s endless fascination with folk music and profiles many of his folk pals such as, Pete Seeger, Rambling Jack Elliot, Jimmie Driftwood, Utah Phillips and even a fun moment with rock legend Bruce Springsteen.”

Rik with Bruce Springsteen 2001 in Asbury Park, NJ
(Photo by Mark Lamhut)
The author himself is no stranger to the road, or even to what folk legend Woody Guthrie would describe as “hard traveling”. He has crossed America several times, played in more than 1,000 schools and has performed at numerous festivals, coffeehouses and other music venues from New York to Alaska. He has also performed in many countries, such as Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, England, France, Spain, Scotland and Ireland.

Rik's Truck on Route 66
Rik is a multi-talented singer, storyteller and songwriter. He plays several instruments, such as banjo, 12- and 6-string guitar and a few exotic ones, such as the Polish bagpipe, Ozark mouth bow, Native American Courting Flute and the Didgeridoo. He has six albums to his credit. His newest “Hobos & Heros” was recorded on German based record label, Laura Records. Rik has played on numerous Radio and TV shows both nationally & internationally.

When Rik is at home in the hills of Vermont, he hosts his own TV show in Burlington, called “Song Writers Notebook”. To date, he has produced more than 100 shows introducing famous folk acts, such as Pete Seeger and Utah Phillips and many musicians who are on their way to become part of America’s traditional music heritage.
Besides all the other irons in the fire, Rik also spends time and energy using his music to promote social issues. Following a long folk tradition, Rik has worked with many peace and environmental groups. His most recent connection is with SmartWood, an organization that believes in the effectiveness of sustainable forestry. Rik is currently playing a SmartWood Martin Guitar, and will be promoting the use of SmartWood guitars on his upcoming tours.

Rik with Chris Martin & Dick Boak of the Martin Guitars Company
This summer, Rik has been part of the German-American Song Festival on Tour (DAFT-Tour) in 2003 and 2004. Three American and three German songwriters will join music forces and will tour Germany to play in schools, music venues and at festivals.

Rik with Bernd Häber and Wilfried Mengs, 2001 in Plauen / Germany

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"Rik Palieri is an exceedingly talented singer and song writer. He has much to give our country and the world" (Pete Seeger)

“Rik is a real tail twister and can get a drowsy crowd up and singing faster than anybody in the folk world”. (BUZZ POTTER ”Hobo Times")

“Palieri takes his audiences on a musical jaunt around the world.” (Richard Skelly)

Rik with Utah Phillips