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  • Mission

    The mission of Worldstrings Promotion is to Keep bringing People together through the Power of Music ©

    We specialize in producing unique music events using music as a common language to bring people together and to promote mutual and peaceful understanding of diverse cultures. 

    Worldstrings Promotion was founded in 2003 by German-born Bernd Häber who lives in Phoenix/Arizona, USA. He works as an agent, promoter and presenter of traditional and contemporary music collaborating with musicians across continents. For many years, Bernd has successfully organized concerts, managed music tours and has worked with music venues, partners and agencies in Arizona and other states in the United States, Europe and Germany.

  • Artist Portfolio

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    Founder, Vocalist and Primary Songwriter of Steppenwolf

    After 50 years of performing, Steppenwolf played its final show in October 2018 and John Kay returned to his early musical days to perform solo. His first exposure to American music was through the Armed Forces Radio Network in Germany. After moving to North America, he studied the Library of Congress field recordings of John & Alan Lomax and later attended the 1964 & 1965 Newport Folk Festivals, where the topical songs of singer/songwriters had a profound influence on him. Over the years, as leader and singer of Steppenwolf (Born To Be Wild, Magic Carpet Ride, The Pusher, Monster, etc.), John recorded a number of solo albums, rooted in Folk Music, Blues and the Singer/Songwriter tradition. His highly-anticipated solo performances feature select songs from those albums as well as newly written material; showcasing the more private side of his music and songwriting. After five decades as a well-known player in the global music arena, John Kay has opened an additional chapter in 2019 to bring his more personal songs and stories to audiences; those familiar with Steppenwolf and John Kay and those who will encounter John Kay and his music for the first time.

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    A Voice of Social Conscience in Germany

    According to many journalists and artists, he is one of the best songwriters in Germany. His art opposes clichés that want to put him in a box and refuses to rely on tacky jokes. Maurenbrecher shows other strengths: He is untamed, spontaneous, filled with intensity, emotions and authenticity. Maurenbrecher is unique because every line he sings, plays, or reads is showing his true beliefs. He has toured with various German national recording artists and writes songs for Herman Van Veen, Ulla Meinecke or Veronika Fischer. In 1991 he received the German Art Award (Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis). Manfred performed at the 2003 German-American Song Festival on Tour (DAFT-Tour) and performed in May 2005 at the German Consulate General and the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts in New York City. Over the years, Manfred received the ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ (German Record Critique Award) for his acclaimed albums. "There are artists who never change and become boring. There are singers that always sing the same stuff and this is annoying. Manfred however is consistent in his art and this is delightful ... Musically with beautiful simplicity that in this country nobody is able to imitate. Good that this Maurenbrecher is around< (Konstantin Wecker – German National Recording Artist)

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    Rock'n Roll Photographer - From Monterey Pop to Deja Vu & Beyond

    Tom’s photography career was launched at the iconic Monterey International Pop Festival. From there he immersed himself in the intense music scene that exploded in the sixties. He found himself in great demand by several high profile rock and roll stars. He applied both his photographic and graphic design skills in the creation of over 72+ album covers, including the acclaimed Déjà Vu cover used by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Other notable groups were the Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, Joni Mitchell, Poco, Crazy Horse, the Mamas and the Papas, B.B. King, and The Three Tenors. He developed relationships with entertainers that created opportunities for many years to follow. Two of Tom’s shots are part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Today Tom travels worldwide shooting for accounts such as Rolex, The Council, The Pebble Beach Company and giving keynote presentations. Toms photographs and presentations reflect his unbridled approach to life. "Whether a still life or of people, each photograph, represents a burst of excitement," he says. Just like Tom at work. When Tom O’Neal tells his stories about working with some of the greatest music artists, he shares refreshing and surprising perspectives regarding such work that is perfect for any audience. It is more than just taking pictures or designing record album covers. It is about owning, taking charge, connectivity in social settings, and creating your own circumstances. When failures become postponed success, preparation is key, as is looking for alternatives and recognizing that being on the brink of an opportunity, acting on it.

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    Deutsch-Amerikanisches Folksänger Treffen

    The DAFT-Tour (Deutsch-Amerikanisches Folksänger Treffen) was a roots music and singer/songwriting festival that took place annually in a rotating pattern in both Germany and the United States in 2003 - 2005. The first DAFT-Tour took place in the summer of 2003 in Germany presenting three song poets from both Germany and the United States respectively. Following an opening concert in Dresden, where all artists performed a representative sampling of their craft, one American and one German artist paired up together to go on separate tours. They performed in schools, at festivals, in pubs and a variety of music venues throughout different German states, such as Brandenburg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Berlin and Saxony. Under the motto “Revival of German-American Roots Music and Songwriting Traditions”, the DAFT-Tour 2004 took place in the United States from November 4 – 15 and featured a new batch of outstanding German and American singers and songwriters. One highlight of the tour was a performance on Veterans Day at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. With the endorsement of such folk luminaries as Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton, the American DAFT-Tour was off to become an exiting endeavor. The tour has also been endorsed by PROFOLK, the German Association for Songs, Folk And World Music. In the 2005, the final DAFT-Tour took place in Germany with a special concert at the Martin-Guitar symposium in Markneukirchen, the birth place of Christian Friedrich Martin - the founder of Martin Guitar.

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    Ticky Tock - Wenzel sings Woody Guthrie

    On February 5, 2003, “The Woody Guthrie 90th Year Celebration” took place at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The concert was the culmination of a month-long series of events celebrating Woody's life and music. Among the artists that performed were Arlo Guthrie, Marty Stuart, Jimmy LaFave, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel (Germany), Ellis Paul, Blackfire, Janis Ian, Alison Brown, Guy Clark, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Nancy Griffith, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Corey Harris, Slaid Cleaves, Eliza Gilkyson, Peter Rowan, Tim O'Brien, James Talley, Rob Wasserman and others. This concert was a benefit for the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives, located at the time in New York, and was produced in association with Woody's daughter Nora Guthrie and manager/impresario Harold Leventhal, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Folk Alliance in 2002. Nora Guthrie about Wenzel: “At my invitation, Berlin songwriter Hans Eckardt Wenzel recorded the first ever German language CD of Woody songs. TICKY TOCK (released & recorded in both English and German in 2003), contains 10 new lyrics from the Archives as well as new arrangements of some older ones. New titles include: Ticky Tock, Every Hundred Years, Blue Eyes, I Like To Stay Home with Daddy, Jinga Linga, Been Out On An Ocean Trip, He and She and If I Were Everything on Earth. I had the opportunity to be in the studio with Wenzel in Berlin and we even appeared on nationwide television together. And, before you find out from someone else, I’ll tell you myself: He made me sing on 2 tracks -in German.”

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    Analog Girl in a Digital World

    Judy Gorman’s songs get their wings from her imagination and their roots from the folk, blues, jazz and gospel music she’s been surrounded by all her life. Being a native from New York City, Judy presents her blues rooted, energizing original songs packed with evocative, soulful and often political lyrics. Her passionate, rich smokey vocals add the inevitable color to passionate performances. Judy has performed in over ten countries on programs with Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Moby, Richie Havens, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Pete Seeger, Suzanne Vega, Odetta, James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon and Maya Angelou. In the feature film "In Our Hands" Judy appears along with Meryl Streep, Rita Marley, James Taylor and Carly Simon. "Judy Gorman is a wonderful singer and musician. She has taken her songs to an extraordinary variety of places in the U.S.A. and Europe. You could sum it up: She came, she sang, she conquered. No two programs that she gives are the same. She is always thinking how to find the right phrase, the right song to hit the nail right on the head, to shoot the arrow straight to the heart of the matter. I hope she lives to be 100 and is able to bring her songs to every nook and cranny of this suffering world." (Pete Seeger)

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    The Road is My Mistress

    Folk troubadour who already performed on stage with Pete Seeger, Rambling Jack Elliot, Bruce Springsteen, Utah Phillips und Jimmy Driftwood. Rik is a multi-talented singer, storyteller and songwriter. He plays various instruments, such as banjo, 12-string guitar and very exotic ones, such as the Polish bagpipe and an Ozark mouth bow. With his music, he crossed America several times, played in more than 1,000 schools and performed at numerous festivals from New York to Alaska. Rik is also the host & producer of “The Song Writer’s Notebook “, a TV show, archived in the American Folk Life Center in the new “Rik Palieri Collection”, at The American Folk Life Center Archives in Washington D.C. and has recorded eight albums. In 2003, Rik published the book "The Road is My Mistress - Tales of a Roustabout Songster" telling his life story in music.

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    World Top Flatpicking Guitar Virtuoso

    Beppe Gambetta is a guitarist, vocalist, researcher and composer born in Genova, Italy who developed a style of concert presentation that brings American and European Roots to speak together with one voice. In his unique approach, Gambetta blends energetic grooves with passionate melodies, giving new life to sources from different times, periods and places. In addition, the original music he composes gives contemporary influences to traditional roots music.

    Few players on the planet could so successfully fuse an unwavering allegiance to tradition with impatient, wide-eyed vision, tongue-in-cheek humor with solemn devotion, and folksy song styles with progressive improvisation as Gambetta…” - John D’Agostino, Wood & Steel

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    The Ultimate Celtic Rock Experience

    Since forming in 1988, Tempest has delivered a globally-renowned hybrid of high-energy Folk Rock, fusing Irish reels, Scottish ballads, Norwegian influences and other world music elements. The last 30 plus years have seen the San Francisco Bay Area based act release eighteen critically acclaimed CDs and play more than 2,500 gigs. It's also enjoyed an evolving line-up that's enabled musicianship and creativity to progress in delightful ways with each new member. In 2022, the band released their new album "Going Home" and celebrated more than 30 years of Celtic Rock.



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    A Musical Experience that lets you reconnect with Mother Earth

    Imagine you want to reconnect with Mother Earth. Then, GAEYA is for you. Rooted in Sweden, she blends Scandinavian mystery - driven by powerful vocals - with sounds of natural ancient worlds and ambient synth-soundscapes by converting them into atmospheric landscapes. GAEYA takes you on an immersive journey to a different place for you to explore the earth by getting drawn into freshly woven webs of intergalactic pop music and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies. GAEYA invokes a desire to return to nature. GAEYA gives live musical performances both on stage and during the unique not-to-miss GAEYA-TIPI-EXPERIENCE © - her own portable arena where she invites the audience to experience music around a living campfire. Last but not least, GAEYA’s podcast series TellUs engages worldwide audiences in an ongoing dialog about ecological & social sustainability and shares ideas & possible solutions to modern lifestyle challenges, and to embrace alternative lifestyles.



  • John Kay (Founder, Vocalist, Primary Songwriter of Steppenwolf)

    Artist Manager and Booking Agent in 2019-2020

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    Born To Be Wild and still Going Strong

    I met John for the first time in person backstage at the final concert of Steppenwolf as a band on October 14, 2018 in Baxter Springs/KS . 

    I have had the privilege and honor of hosting John at the 2019 Folk Alliance International conference in Montreal. 

    Afterwards, I also had the privilege of representing John as a solo artist from Feb 2019 - Jan 2020 as his artist manager and booking agent. It was an exceptional experience for all involved and I appreciated this opportunity very much.


    2019 Solo Acoustic Concert Dates
    - Sunday, April 14, 2019 - Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, AZ
    - Sunday, June 23, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm - The Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA
    - Monday, August 26, 2019 - 7:30pm to 8:45pm - The Dakota, Minneapolis, MN
    - Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 7:30pm to 8:45pm - The Triple Door, Seattle, WA
    - Friday, September 20, 2019 - Time 8 PM - Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
    - Saturday, October 5, 2019 - Time: 3:45 - 4:30 PM - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
    2020 Solo Acoustic Concert Dates (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
    - Saturday, March 7, 2020 - The Historic Everett Theatre, Everett, WA
    - Friday, April 17 + Saturday, April 18, 2020 - The Iridium, New York City, NY
    Additional Links
    - John's Showcase Performances at the Cantina Navarro at the 2019 FAI Conference: https://youtu.be/ERRpGUHRjQM and https://youtu.be/AR4MG8J-B4k
    - John Kay & Tom O'Neal Panel on 2/23/2019 at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMl8OdXUDSc
    - Blues Matters! Magazine 2-Part Interview (Issues 111 & 112)https://bluesmatters.com/john-kay-a-recent-interview/
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    Backstage at the final concert of Steppenwolf as a band on October 14, 2018 in Baxter Springs/KS

    from left to right: Ron Hurst (drums) - Gary Link (bass guitar) - John Kay - Danny Johnson (lead guitar) - Michael Wilk (keyboards)
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    February 2019 at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal/Canada

    from left to right: Tom Paxton - John Kay - Tom Gundelfinger O'Neal - Bernd Haber - Bruce Newman
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    Backstage on September 20, 2019 at the Easy Rider Live Event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City

    from left to right: John Kay - Bernd Haber - Elvis Costello - T. Bone Burnett
  • Beppe Gambetta - Master of Flatpicking Guitar


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    Beppe Gambetta

    Concert Booking - Fiddler's Dream - Phoenix/Arizona - October 2018

    In October 2018, I had the great honor of hosting Beppe Gambetta in Phoenix/Arizona for him to perform at Fiddler's Dream. In addition, he taught a Guitar Clinic to guitar enthusiasts and we arranged for a visit at the Arizona Schools for the Arts to meet the guitar class students. See below for links to concert recordings and the related interview with Radio Phoenix:

    - Der Wind Trägt Uns Davon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEEkX4saObg
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    Visit to the Arizona School for the Arts on October 4, 2018

  • Martin Guitar Story

    Not very often, fate serves us an opening for influencing history. One only has to realize it when it happens.

    Between 2003 – 2005, I was able to open a special page in the book of German - American relationship history.

    By October 2005, as a result of my personal intervention and the DAFT-Tour endeavor, Markneukirchen - the hometown of Martin Guitar founder Christian Frederick Martin, finally acknowledged officially its famous son where his name had been neglected and ignored for more than 170 years.

    See below for the article ‘Martin’s Return to Markneukirchen’ as it was published in the January 2006 issue (volume #20) of The Sounding Board – the official newsletter of the Martin Guitar Company.

    History made! I am very proud of this accomplishment.

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    Musical Instrument Museum Markneukirchen - October 2005

    Special Martin Guitar Exhibition organized by Bernd Haber & Professor Andreas Michel & Dick Boak

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    The Sounding Board

    Martin Guitar Newsletter - January 2006

  • Swedish Music Showcase ©


    2021 Swedish Music Showcase


    Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) - Arizona Chapter Newsletter (December 2021):

    In a historic first, this year's SACC Summit had a Swedish Music Showcase ©. Summit attendees were invited to discover international-touring Swedish artists featured during the event, including the Grammy-nominated artist Sara Ajnnak who writes her lyrics in the Ume Sami language which is one of the endangered Sami languages, and KONGERO - one of Sweden’s premier acapella groups. As acknowledged by both organizers and sponsors of the SACC Summit, the presence of these artists was just the beginning of an envisioned evolution to establish the Swedish Music Showcase as a recognized music brand that specializes in promoting more Swedish music & artists in Arizona and across North America. "We are happy to give our extensive U.S network the opportunity to explore new Swedish artists and music," says Joacim Mattisson, President of SACC Arizona. Although Sweden is ranked #3 (following the US & the UK) of exporting more music business than importing, Swedish music and artists are generally not very well known, other than Max Martin, ABBA, Ace of Base, First Aid Kit or Roxette. "It is exciting to see that corporate sponsors already line up to get involved as this initiative has a great potential to evolve into a multi-layered pursuit over the next several months benefiting all parties involved", says Bernd Haber, coordinator for the Swedish Music Showcase. He thanks the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce USA, SACC Arizona and the support from the Swedish Embassy to the United States, for making the Swedish Music Showcase possible.


    - Swedish Music Showcase Website: https://www.saccarizona.org/Swedish-music-showcase

    - Sara Ajnnak "Endless Waters": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8o9P_rS2vA

    - KONGERO "Hanne Kjersti": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOYWxftlOo8

    - Swedish Music Showcase (Kongero & Sara Ajnnak) at the 75th Anniversary of Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix/AZ - April 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SqIZsR8AeA

    Kolonien - Live in Arizona - September 24, 2022


    Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) - Arizona Chapter Newsletter (October 2022):

    Swedish music from KOLONIEN

    Phoenix recently was visited by KOLONIEN, a four-member family band from Sweden that has been one of the leading voices of the Swedish folk revival for over a decade. Their sound blends acoustic roots music with anthemic, sing-along pop, this band has a fresh, appealing sound that brings multiple musical worlds together. The concert was well received and organized by SACC Arizona member Worldstrings Promotion, under the #SwedishMusicShowcase umbrella. The concert was made possible with the support of several SACC Arizona members: Malmsten, Good Idea US, and Steadfast Law, PLLC., the Honorary Consulate of Finland to Arizona and New Mexico. KOLONIEN - welcome back any time!


    A a special THANKS to SACC Arizona, Hilda Sandgren from MTA Production (Stockholm/Sweden) and to Cumbancha for their support.


    Kolonien - live in Arizona on Saturday, September 24. 2022 at Country Club on Hampton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-06XaHQD_0

    A Musical Experience that lets you reconnect with Mother Earth

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    Imagine you want to reconnect with Mother Earth. Then, GAEYA is for you. Rooted in Sweden, she blends Scandinavian mystery - driven by powerful vocals - with sounds of natural ancient worlds and ambient synth-soundscapes by converting them into atmospheric landscapes. GAEYA takes you on animmersive journey to a different place for you to explore the earth by getting drawn into freshly woven webs of intergalactic pop music and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies. GAEYA invokes a desire to return to nature.

    Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of the music of GAEYA, a captivating journey deeply connected to the Earth and nature. With a grandiose and atmospheric sound, their melodies transport you to the heart of the natural world. Each note resonates with the beauty of the elements, taking you on a sonic adventure through lush forests, majestic mountains, and serene oceans. Experience the harmony between the music and the planet, and let the captivating rhythms of nature guide your soul. Discover a new dimension in music, where the terrestrial and celestial merge in perfect harmony.

    Welcome to a world of sound that will elevate your spirit and connect you to the very essence of our planet!


    Celebrating March Equinox - 2024 US-Tour Announcement 


    GAEYA will be touring the United States in the Spring of 2024 and will be performing songs from her current EP “AWAKENING” + the upcoming EP “GROWTH” which will be released inearly 2024. All songs are interconnected as they weave a thread throughout the recordings as they go along with her mission as an artist.

    She will have the privilege to present an exclusively authorized version of Ted Ström’s classic song VINTERSAGA - both in Swedish and English – an adoption of one of Sweden’s national anthem-like songs as it describes the cold harsh winter across various cities/places in Sweden but, nonetheless, gives a feeling of kind-heartedness & shelter.

    The GAEYA 2024 US-Tour is supported by the Swedish Embassy in the UnitedStates, by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, and by MALMSTEN– a Swedish company as “The Official WORLD AQUATICS Supplier (former FINA)since 2009 + Exclusive Supplier to all major WORLD AQUATICS events including the Olympic Games – is proud to support the 2024 US-Tour by GAEYA”.


    2024 Tour Dates


    - The Swedish Club NW (Seattle/WA) on Friday, March 15 @7:00 PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    - Fort Worden (Port Townsend/WA) on March 17 @5:00 PM (Confirmed)

    - Triple Door (Seattle/WA) on Wednesday, March 20 @7:30 PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    - The Crypt (Olympia/WA) on Thursday, March 21 @9:00 PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    - Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles/CA) on Sunday, March 24 @9:00PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    With Kel Mockingbird - Native American flute player veteran from Arizona

    Come and celebrate the reactivating power of sunlight and energy this Spring with a unique live concert performance collaboration featuring Swedish vocal artist GAEYA and Native American flute player Kel Mockingbird from Arizona. Experience the exceptional blend of uplifting Nordic and Southwest spirits and allow the healing vibrations to awaken you.

    - The Awakening Experience (Phoenix/AZ) on Thursday, March 28 @7:30 PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    - Sea of Glass Center for the Arts (Tucson/AZ) on Friday, March 29 (Confirmed)

    - VIP Ticket Packages Available:

    - Sound Healing Session @4PM - Tickets

    - Sound Healing Session @5PM - Tickets

    - Concert @7:30 PM - Tickets

    - Mary D. Fisher Theatre (Sedona/AZ) on Saturday, March 30 @7:00 PM (Confirmed) - Tickets

    - Green Box Arts Center (Green Mountain Falls/CO) Artist-In-Residence – all of April - Announcement Link
    - Skyspace Special Event with Artist in Residence GaeyaSound Healing Session (April 13 & 14 & 27) - Tickets

    - Hamilton Hall (Lamont School of Music/University of Denver) (Denver/CO) on Sunday, April 21 @4:30 PM - Tickets 

    - ENT CENTER FOR THE ARTS at UCCS (Colorado Springs/CO) on Wednesday, May 1 @7:00 PM - Tickets



    As one of the founders and veterans of the Folk Alliance International organization in North America, I have personally seen GAEYA perform at its 2023 conference, which has been the world’s largest gathering of the folk & world music industry and community crossing a diverse array of genres including Blues, Bluegrass, Roots, Celtic, Cajun, Appalachian, Folk, Traditional, World, and Singer-Songwriters for decades. Her performance was indisputably one of the best showcase presentations that I have ever witnessed in my entire career as a music industry professional.” - Kari Estrin @ Kari Estrin Management (Nashville/TN) - Holistic Artist Career Consulting & Acoustic Music Radio Promotion - celebrating 50 years in Roots Music 2022/2023


    It is my distinct honor and privilege to invite and welcome GAEYA on tour in the United States as one of the distinguished and emerging artists from Sweden … As the SACC Arizona Chapter Director of Nordic Relations, as well as an Ambassador for the city of Lidkoping, I am very supportive of GAEYA; she lives near theSwedish city of Trollhättan and both cities are in West Sweden. I therefore especially welcome the opportunity to endorse GAEYA and associated efforts to present her music in North America in the ongoing efforts to deepen cultural and business relationships between Sweden and the United States.” - Tobias Lofstrand, Director of Nordic Relations SACC Arizona


    "Enter GAEYA, a beacon of artistic brilliance and unwavering commitment to a cause we both hold dear. On behalf of Tindakan, it's both an honor and a privilege to throw our wholehearted endorsement behind GAEYA and her extraordinary creative prowess. In a world where voices are needed, GAEYA stands tall, using her art to echo a positive, holistic message that resonates with the very essence of safeguarding our people and planet." - Jeremy Gregory, Founder & Executive Director of TINDAKAN (Tindakan supports solutions-based endeavors that focus on ecological & social justice causes worldwide)

    In January of 2000, I received a phone call from TEMPEST founder and vocalist Lief Sorbye. During the call, we both realized that we had met before in 1993 when I attended my first TEMPEST concert at STACHE'S, a music club and bar venue in Columbus/Ohio (closed in 1997). The result of our call was a concert date of TEMPEST in June of 2000 in Phoenix/Arizona. At that time, I was booking shows for Fiddlers Dream Coffeehouse, the longest running acoustic music venue in the Valley of the Sun.

    In April of 2008, I received another phone call from Lief. This time, he asked me if I would like to introduce the band at a special 4-hour concert two weeks later at the Karfluki Fest celebrating 20 years of TEMPEST and Celtic Rock.

    I accepted with honor. Giving this speech was one of my life's greatest music experiences.

    The result of this experience was a photo book that I created, called "TEMPEST - 20th Anniversary - The Ultimate Celtic Rock Experience" - endorsed and authorized by TEMPEST. Now, many years later, it has become a rare collectible. It nonetheless can be viewed at BLURB and purchased on AMAZON.

    Over the years, I continued to be one of the band's super fans and stayed in contact with Lief and the band.

    broken image

    May 2008 at the TEMPEST Karfluki Fest

    Shown here is my short speech just minutes before the special 4-hour concert started. The show presented previous and current lineups of TEMPEST over the course of the past 20 years.

    broken image

    2008 TEMPEST Photo Book Front Page

    The book that I created documents rare images from the Karfluki Fest events and shows on May 3 & 4, 2008, including backstage moments and the various TEMPEST lineups.


    The book can be viewed at BLURB and purchased on AMAZON.

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